I started my weight loss in August 2002. Since that time I have lost over 140 pounds, and kept it off, until I got pregnant in 2011.

I am getting back to the basics that helped me achive my initial weigh loss. I was finally able to start losing weight once I realized that FAT and being ME were not the same thing! (Click here for more details.)

I've lost all the weight naturally, without surgery, gimmicks, fad-diets or "magic pills" I just started to eat better and move more! See what I have done by looking at my tips page!

You will never find any ads for weight loss products here. I am disgusted by companies that prey on the over weight. They offer fast fixes, and false promises.

  • You CANNOT safely lose weight (and keep it off) by pills, teas, and shakes.

  • You CANNOT safely lose weight (and keep it off) by eating from a restricted menu!

  • The only way to safely lose weight (and keep it off) is to change your lifestyle to a healthy, balanced one that you can stick with forever!

  • I have to admit that I am amazed by how well I have done. I never dreamed that when I started my weight loss I would be so successful! Along the way I have learned that as long as you continue to live healthy, eventually you will be healthy! There were "bad days" along the way, but I got back on track every time.

    I hope that you enjoy my site, and find it to be a great weight loss inspiration!!



    My Virtual Model

    A great motivator for weight loss is My Virtual Model! My Virtual Model is a FREE website that lets you build a "3-D" version of yourself!

    Prevention has a FREE Weight Loss Simulator that lets you see your model at two different weights side by side!

    Just click "New User?" to create your model. You will then enter your height, weight, build, skin color, hair style, hair color, and facial features to create "you." Your Model will really help you visualize your weight loss, and it is really fun to play with too!

    Here is a picture of what my model looks like at my start weight, me at my current weight and the model again at my goal weight! Build yours today!

    My Virtual Model Weight Loss Simulation
    Copyright © (2001-2011) My Virtual Model, Inc.

    Jessica Scott - Copyright 2011

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